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Ph.D Theses [M.Sc][Final Year]
  • Towards automatic long term Person Re-identification System in video surveillanceAthira Nambiar, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2017 - PDF file (4 Mbytes)
  • Humanoid Robot Head Continuous Calibration for Active Stereo Vision, using Non-Linear Filtering TechniquesNuno Moutinho, Ph.D. Thesis, July 2017 - PDF file (14 Mbytes)
  • Hardware, software and control design considerations towards low-cost compliant quadruped robots, Alexandre Tuleu, Ph.D. Thesis, within the IST-EPFL Joint Doctoral Initiative, June 2017 - PDF file (6 Mbytes).
  • Automatic Detection of Melanomas Using Dermoscopy ImagesCatarina Barata, Ph.D. Thesis, April 2017 - PDF file (5 Mbytes)
  • Visual planning of humanoid robot locomotion considering world geometry and frictionMartim Brandão, Ph.D. Thesis, February 2017, (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, co-supervised at IST/ISR) - PDF file (16 Mbytes)
  • Automatic Person Re-Identification for Video Surveillance ApplicationDario Figueira, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2016 - PDF file (9 Mbytes)
  • Grasping for the Task — Human Principles for Robot HandsRavin de Sousa, Ph.D. Thesis, within the IST-EPFL Joint Doctoral Initiative, January 2016 - PDF file (10 Mbytes)
  • A methodology for training and evaluating Pedestrian Detectors: towards practical applications, Matteo Taiana, Ph.D. Thesis, December 2015 - PDF file (20 Mbytes)
  • Visuomotor Coordination in Reach-to-Grasp Tasks: From Humans to Humanoids and Vice Versa, Luka Lukic, Ph.D. Thesis, within the IST-EPFL Joint Doctoral Initiative, June 2015 - PDF file (25 Mbytes).
  • Learning and Sensorimotor Coordination of Anthropomorphic Robotic Systems, Bruno Duarte Damas, Ph.D. Thesis, 2014 - PDF file (5.6 Mbytes).
  • A Probabilistic Approach for Stereo Visual Egomotion, Hugo Miguel Gomes da Silva, Ph.D. Thesis, 2014 - PDF file (6 Mbytes).
  • Visual Control of Legged Robots for Locomotion in Complex Environments using Central Pattern Generators, Sébastien Gay, Ph.D. Thesis, within the IST-EPFL Joint Doctoral Initiative, January 2014 - PDF file (42 Mbytes).
  • High-level planning of dexterous in-hand manipulation using a robotic hand, Urbain Prieur, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2013 - PDF file (14 Mbytes).
  • Dexterous Mechanical Systems for Intuitive Telemanipulation in Minimally Invasive Surgery, Ricardo Beira, Ph.D. Thesis, within the IST-EPFL Joint Doctoral Initiative, February 2013 - PDF file (5.6 Mbytes).
  • Developmental approach to early language learning in humanoid robots, Jonas Hornstein, Ph.D. Thesis, March 2013 - PDF file (3.8 Mbytes).
  • A Computational Approach on the Co-Development of Visual Sensorimotor Structure, Jonas Ruesch, Ph.D. Thesis, April 2013 - PDF file (8.9 Mbytes).
  • Object component models using Gabor filters for visual recognition, Plinio Moreno López, Ph.D. Thesis, September 2008 - PDF file (1.8Mbytes).
  • A Developmental Roadmap for Learning by Imitation in Robots, Manuel Cabido Lopes, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2006 - PDF file (4.3 Mbytes).
  • Binocular Head Control with Foveal Vision: Methods and Applications, Alexandre Bernardino, Ph.D. Thesis, April 2004 - PDF file (4.1 Mbytes).
  • Mosaic-based Visual Navigation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Nuno Gracias, Ph.D. Thesis, June 2003 - PDF file (5.1 Mbytes).
  • Omnidirectional Vision for Mobile Robot Navigation, José Gaspar, Ph.D. Thesis, May 2003 - PDF file (7.6 Mbytes).
  • Maximum Likelihood 3D Reconstruction From One or More Uncalibrated Views Under Geometric Constraints, Etienne Grossmann, Ph.D. Thesis, October 2002 - PDF file (1.9 Mbytes).
  • A Holistic Approach to Mobile Robot Navigation using Omnidirectional Vision, Niall Winters, Ph.D. Thesis, (University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland, co-supervised at IST/ISR) - October 2001 - PDF file (4.5 Mbytes).
  • Global Matching: optimal solution to correspondence problems, João Lourenço Teixeira Lopes de Sousa Maciel, Ph.D. Thesis - August 2001 - PDF file (2.7 Mbytes).
  • 3D Motion and Dense Structure Estimation: Representations for Visual Perception and the Interpretation of Occlusions, César Augusto dos Santos Silva, PhD Thesis - May 2001 - PDF file (2 Mbytes).
  • Visual Perception for Mobile Robots: From Percepts to Behaviours, José Santos-Victor, Ph.D. Thesis - November 1994 (in English) PDF file (1.8 Mbytes).

M.Sc Theses [Ph.D][Final Year]
  • Monitoring Human State in a Robotic Assistive Platform: Data Acquisition and Person Detection Systems, Christian Vismara, MSc. Thesis in Computer Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, July 2015 (co-supervised at IST/ISR). PDF file (13 Mbytes).
  • Object Manipulation from Simplified Visual Cues, Giovanni Saponaro, MSc. Thesis in Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence Systems), Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, March 2009 (co-supervised at IST/ISR). PDF file (5.7 Mbytes).
  • From Pixels to Objects - Enabling a spatial model for humanoid social robots, Dario Figueira, MSc. Thesis, Electrical and Computer Engineering, IST - Nov. 2008. PDF file (9 Mbytes).
  • Mechanical Design of an Anthropomorphic Robot Head, Ricardo Beira, MSc. Thesis, Conception engineering, IST - Dec. 2007. PDF file (4.5 Mbytes).
  • Recognizing Speech with Anthropomorphic Models For Voice Synthesis: applications to humanoid robots, Cláudia Soares, MSc. Thesis, Electrical and Computer Engineering, IST - Nov. 2007. PDF file (1.8 Mbytes).
  • 3D model-based tracking with one omnidirectional camera and particle filters, Matteo Taiana, MSc. Thesis, Electrical and Computer Engineering, IST & Politecnico di Milano - Oct. 2007. PDF file (1.9 Mbytes).
  • PREDGRAB - Predição de Trajectórias de Alvos Móveis - Aplicação ao controlo de um braço robot., Paulo Carreiras, MSc. Thesis (in Portuguese), Electrical and Computer Engineering, IST - Set. 2007. PDF file (2.5 Mbytes).
  • Visual Tracking of Articulated Objects: an application to the Human Hand., Ricardo Marranita, MSc. Thesis - November 2005. PDF file (3 Mbytes).
  • Vision Based Station Keeping and Docking for Floating Robots, Sjoerd van der Zwaan , MSc. Thesis - May 2001 - PDF file (1.2 Mbytes).
  • Integração de Comportamentos Visuais para Robótica Móvel, (The Integration of Visual Behaviours for mobile robots), Vitor Manuel da Silva Costa, MSc. Thesis - February 1999 (in Portuguese) PDF file (1.5 Mbytes).
  • Uma Estratégia de Navegação para Robots Móveis em Ambientes Interiores, (A strategy for Indoor Robot Navigation), Raquel Frizera Vassallo, (Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Vitoria, Brasil, co-supervised at IST/ISR), MSc. Thesis - December 1998 (in Portuguese) PDF file (911 Kbytes).
  • Application of Robust Estimation to Computer Vision: Video Mosaics and 3-D reconstruction, Nuno Gracias, MSc. Thesis - April 1998 (in English) PDF file (3Mbytes).
  • Estimacão de Movimento Próprio de um Observador Monocular (Egomotion Estimation of a Monocular Observer), César Augusto dos Santos Silva, MSc. Thesis - January 1997 (in Portuguese) PDF (1 Mbytes).
  • Seguimento Binocular de Alvos Móveis baseado em Imagens Log-Polar (Binocular Tracking of Moving Targets using Log-Polar Images), Alexandre Bernardino, MSc. Thesis - January 1997 (in Portuguese) PDF (3 Mbytes).
  • Visão para Robótica Móvel: Deteccão de Obstáculos sobre pavimento Plano, José Gaspar, M.Sc Thesis - September 1994 (in Portuguese), PDF file (626 Kbytes)

Final Year Theses [Ph.D][M.Sc]
  • Técnicas de segmentação de cor para seguimento de alvos – aplicação à aprendizagem de tarefas em Robots humanóides, Julio Perez, Alexandre Bernardino, José Santos–Victor, Tech. Report, March 2005 (in Portuguese), PDF file (580 Kbytes)
  • Appearance–based Landmark Selection and Reliability Evaluation for Topological Navigation of an Aerial Vehicle, Lorenz Gerstmayr, Alexandre Bernardino, José Santos–Victor, Tech. Report, March 2004 (in English), PDF file (14 Mbytes)
  • Vision Based control of an Autonomous Blimp (VIDEOBLIMP), Filipe Manuel da Silva Metelo, Luís Ricardo Garcia Campos, Final Year Project, September 2003 (in English), PDF file (1.6 Mbytes)